Magnum Oil


“Magnum believes that success belongs to those who dare to dream first,
then set a plan and finally work on realizing this plan and objectives.”

MAGNUM, producer of all kinds of lubricants, engine oil, gear oil, greases & industrial oils, it is one of the first establishers of oil industry in the private sector of India. This company by using specialized people, quick general Research and Development (R & D) and gathering information in lubricants industry has presented services to support country’s economy and industries.

In 1962 MAGNUM Company started producing base oil and greases in a cultural way at a small workshop in Mumbai. In 1987 for the use of better technology and more development, MAGNUM refinery was built in a land of 200,000 sq. meter and 30,000 sq. meter of building in 26 km. from Taloja.

MAGNUM has over 157 people with the qualification of PHD, M.Sc, B.Sc, Higher Diploma and diploma. In the Research and Development dept. of this company there are more than 60 people full-time and part-time people working. MAGNUM Company was one of the first inspectors of general Research and Development centre in India. The research & development dept. of this company is working on programming & expansion of units, by communication with local & foreign R & D centres who gather information by evaluating them in projects. The main activity of this company is exporting above mentioned products.

MAGNUM has been very active towards corporate social responsibility by being very active in educational and sporting activities. The Educational dept. of MAGNUM company also has published essays regarding safety at work and teaching people for better living environment and psychoanalysis

Started with Magnum overseas (India)

Started Middle East operations – set up a office in Dubai

Received ISO certification

Saw 50% growth in overseas sales

Established a state of the Art Plant in Ras Al Khaimah

Established a Base Oil Refinery in Ras Al Khaimah